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Belgium's first crypto currency for the nation and enthusiasts all over the world.


Get Frank and join the community!






We do this for you to have an easy to use option to build independence from centralized banks, build alternative pensions funds, savings account or everyday easy spending.

Our easy access vision do not just include us but all national crypto

coins. Together we can create a borderless decentralized alliance.   


BeFrank wants us to get frank and build a strong community around the currency. We do this by building via open source, visible and active founders and using Open Collective for all project spendings. 


Sharing is caring and BeFrank gives back to its community both online and offline. We have reserved 10 percent of BFR currency to go towards providing crypto-education, donating to local social wellfare projects and special causes.  Help us extend our community by spreading the word, mining the coin and reaching out to us with future collaborations. 

Government collaboration

Reaching our vision and insuring that there is no sole owner of the reserve fund we are open to work with 

government official, sharing BeFrank's multi signature system and working towards a brighter future.


You do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to use BeFrank. Download the wallet, choose between anonymous account or ID registered account and start mining, saving and transferring directly! 


Spreading and sharing knowledge to all hierarchies of society will help us reaching our ultimate goal; For all cryptocurrency alike to become a valuable asset and work parallel, or in place of, fiat money in Belgium and the world. 

To be a part of our educational program or hire us for public speaking events contact us directly. 



Cryptocurrency has rapidly grown in popularity and is now considered a valuable alternative to stocks,minerals, and global currencies alike. However, this option is at present day only available for the secluded crowd that know how it works and how to utilize it. For the rest of us it remains something scary, foreign and out of reach. Befrank believes cryptocurrency is the future, therefore we do our best in creating user-friendly applications, spreading the knowledge and educating the next generation or anyone that wants to join the community today.  

Founded in Belgium by crypto entusiasts, the BeFrank was created as alternative payment method, pension and savings options for those who seek ways to prepare for next global financial crisis. Based on the Belgian Franc the idea was to be able to buy one Belgian Beer (no other beer matter) for four BeFranks (BFR) and at the same time give homage to Belgium. BeFrank wants to be frank and therefore the founders work on a transparency policy meaning that you know who we are, we are contactable and all investment  spendings are shown on Open Collective.  We reserved 10 percent of BeFranks money supply to be able to assist in important projects such as social welfare causes. This reserve works under a multi-signature system meaning that there is no lone owner of the reserv and transfers has to be approved by several parties. Cryptocurrency can and will be intergraded in mainstream society, working alongside fiat money. Therefore we welcome goverment officials to work together with us towards the future decentralized system.


Get Frank and join the future!  

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